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Lesley Lily Lydia
Main Field Ladies Napping in the Winter Sun Pebbles and Ashley
Pig Newton Portia and Uncle Albert Fitzroy and Solomon
Willow and Daphne Tori Taylor and Harley
Babe, Suzanne & Pinkerton Roseanne, Oompa and Malcolm Roger Dodger and Allison
Flash Peoria Rain Oliver, Herman and Poncho
Molly and Regina Main Boys Aida, Linus and Stephano
Ganesha and Govinda Fred and Frank Delta Dawn
Ashley Dexter and Jeannie Baldwin and Wilbur
Chico Cheesecake Boudrette, Gardenia and Charlotte
Baby Oliver Lisa Marie East Pigs
Northwest Field Hopper Carl
Wrinkles & Mr. Ebony Main Field Coco